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Subject: **DONT READ THIS**
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filifulu 27.08.10 - 05:20am
you have heard the common phrase:'the car infront of you is always a Toyota.' well, recently there emerged another one:'The woman infront's hair is always a wig..' Honestly this issue of our women wearing wig is growing a notch higher. Every woman you meet; almost all the female staff of my school wear wig, my sister is simply obsessed with wig, its wig, wig, wig. Ah and what are those on Sheila Mwanyiga's head? I think our women have lost pride over them bodies. They started by bleaching them skins, starving them stomachs in the name of slimming up, people are craving for the shallow western culture oblivious of our rich african culture. everything our women do these days are just westernweird...tell me, what do you think about women who wear wig? Dont you feel we should be proud of our kinky hair, it looks cute especially when u take good care of it. Story za kuvaa nywele za mzungu tuache jameni au sio?? *

yusu 5.12.10 - 09:30am
Its very true when talking of wig wig our sisters pls try a look at ur self on the mirror without wig ask ur self was god wrong 2 give u that african look ar u not beautiful wit out that filthy wig, of cause you are.the nature has taken its cause an accept wat your creater has given u african ladys a the best beautiful s*xy in all aspect an one more thing ladys try to see wat u wear our adrian dresses ar decent an beautiful. We shud be proud of been born african not a go by there lost caulter. Pls talk 2 your friends its 2 back. *

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