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CoMe GeT a PoSiTiOn In ThE EA fUn JoInt CluB...HoT cHiCkX n DuDeZ oN pOiNt...itS mOrE dAn SwAgGeR...sOo fAnTaBuLoUs N fAbUlAsTiC...kRaZiE!!@aLl____N iF u DoN WaNnA jOiN 'unajifanya migingo ung'ang'aniwe na nani?'...No OlD gRaNdS!!!! aLsO a GuD NuMbEr Of m

Group Founder: alekii
Description: U can also join even if u r not E.african as long as u exist on earth...we help people 2 get owt there boredom n leave u as a stressfree person.and b4 i 4get theres ringtones wallpapers and mp3s 4 u 2 download and pimp yo fone.yo welcum.thank u
Group Type: Public join
Members: 549
Category: Chat Groups > By Location

Topics (80)

go Are u in facebook and 2go? (26) faycal
guyz,u r tha main rizon y i enjoy bein in prodigits and i would lv us to extend thiz fan 2 facebook and lukin 4ward to startin a group kwa fb kold Prodigits(E.African membaz).am very glad that ...

go price sugar (0) 35tony
we'v seen prices of essential commodities rise,bt the worst rise is been sugar. what can be done 2 reduce the price?

go Happy holidays (0) birdboi
Dear group members enjoy ur self but not that much...b safe n responsible!

go !!!BEST DOWNLOADS!!! (0) aryan.k8
Hey Friends! Join AryanWap: Applications, Games, Themes,Hot Links, Wallpape...

go Where is every1 (1) birdboi
Where are u people these days?

go Watanzania mpo wapi? (1) mkindo
Hey vp wabongo mbona hamuonekani 2tafutane bana

go He is baaaak!! (2) faycal
After almost a year,faycal is bak 4rm God knws wea!halla at me cz i missd u guys alot.aleki,switpop,etc

go s*x!! (0) swissap
how many of have had s*x n why did u have it n with whom??????

go s*x or romance? (30) alekii
Hey guys,whch one do u prefer mst? Giv a reason jo!

go Chongoa nichongoe...shout haa! [646] alekii
If u lyk mchongoano.just chongoa me!

go Teentz.Com (1) dabullet
Tembelea teentz.Com kama una simu yenye bluetuth/ina uwezo wa kuload application/file down opera mini arafu jisajiri in teentz.Com upate habari+mamboyote yanayohusu mziki&wanamziki.

go KENYA ICC (0) jaskerby
ey watu waende hague...WATU WAENDE HAGUE...EY!Go to and vote.whats ur number?

go Sick rhymes lines... [75] birdboi
Know a rhyme 4rm ANY song post it here..LETS BATTLE MA HOMMIEZ!

go **DONT READ THIS** (1) filifulu
you have heard the common phrase:'the car infront of you is always a Toyota.' well, recently there emerged another one:'The woman infront's hair is always a wig..' Honestly this issue of our women w...

go Naughty-lesbians (0) queer
All gals social group.lets all hav fun gossip.add topics files polls.ul neva regret..kenyan stuff all the way


Photos (20)

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Files (19)

1 uc web 7.3
2 Jst 4 u
3 Me
4 opera mini 4.2
5 jar creator
6 Ma video
7 duffle bag boys rmx
8 forever cb
9 tpain
10 mac muga
11 21 qstns
12 get up
13 50 cent get in ma car
14 pop bottles
15 i run this


Polls (16)

go Girls where iz ur most sensitive part in ur body?
go Hey girls wat type of guy feels ur stomach wit b*tterflies
go Wat turns u guyz on in babe 4 me thighs nd
go Fat guys or slim guys,who r more charming?
go Is tenage love all about s*x??
go Beyoce vrs rihanna who is the queen
go Which iz more preferable btwn weed na fegi.
go gals,wich type of do u prefer?
go Who z da best artist out of thyz
go Who is the Best btn NG'A NG'ALITO n ALPHA.
go Which age of girls know 2 kiss n have s*x the best?
go Which type of gal iz adviceable 2 marry?
go Which country does Migingo belong to?
go wud u rather d8 some1 hu has money bt no luks o hu has luks and no money??
go Which age hav d smatest gals?


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