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go Girls where iz ur most sensitive part in ur body?
go Hey girls wat type of guy feels ur stomach wit b*tterflies
go Wat turns u guyz on in babe 4 me thighs nd
go Fat guys or slim guys,who r more charming?
go Is tenage love all about s*x??
go Beyoce vrs rihanna who is the queen
go Which iz more preferable btwn weed na fegi.
go gals,wich type of do u prefer?
go Who z da best artist out of thyz
go Who is the Best btn NG'A NG'ALITO n ALPHA.
go Which age of girls know 2 kiss n have s*x the best?
go Which type of gal iz adviceable 2 marry?
go Which country does Migingo belong to?
go wud u rather d8 some1 hu has money bt no luks o hu has luks and no money??
go Which age hav d smatest gals?
go Which east african country hav d fynest chicks?


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