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Subject: s*x or romance?
Replies: 30 Views: 2003

alekii 27.03.09 - 11:34am
Hey guys,whch one do u prefer mst? Giv a reason jo! *

alekii 27.03.09 - 11:43am
I prefer s*x coz romance hurts my heart when i mis my switie....s*x aint swit wen u do it 4 a short tym do it 4 atleast a whle nyt. *

kially 2.04.09 - 05:22pm
i prefa romance.s*x is just cheapenin uaslf 4 nothin.(no offence) *

alekii 3.04.09 - 02:00pm
Ow! I thnk its cheapenin uaself if u do s*x with anybody.Dont make uaself cheap! *

kially 3.04.09 - 05:24pm
betttr strt wid romance thn s*x aftrwads.coz eish,if u alredy strt it now,wat bout wen u 20??u'll b an addict!! *

alekii 5.04.09 - 02:10pm
Oh who said s*x has age limit? *

kially 5.04.09 - 03:41pm
no1.jst tellin ya how it will b yrs 4rm now. *

kaptrina 6.04.09 - 05:32pm
s*x suxs stick 2 romance *

alekii 7.04.09 - 12:08pm
Of corse s*x suxs....I've never tried it...Bt its gud somehow! *

jamaling 19.04.09 - 02:08am

birdboi 19.04.09 - 05:48am
Ok a little romance n s*x isn't bad but Romance period...d*mn hiyo ni upumbafu *

subira 26.04.09 - 06:29am
Romance more brings u on what u know and feel best *

sircy 2.05.09 - 06:28am
Romance iz great bt s*x suxs if u affection romance iz what u do *

csi1 8.05.09 - 02:52pm
Romance is the illest,thts period *

m.jakson 27.08.09 - 05:00am
I try 2 combine them romance is the best coz it cn drive u crazy *

denis.m 30.08.09 - 01:08am
s*x.period *

faycal 30.08.09 - 08:32pm
100% 4 romance. *

enione 2.09.09 - 10:43am
Romance cos if u start wit s*x u won't respect each other view cos d guy will want to taste anoder chick

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seventh 7.09.09 - 09:09pm
I'd go for romance but not with anyone!it must be the luv'v ma life. *

girry 7.09.09 - 09:59pm
Am alwayz 4 for the s*xIEST ROMANCE. *

alekii 25.05.10 - 06:33pm
Eih! Romance.....mambo byad! *

filifulu 25.05.10 - 09:25pm
I'd betta try the two. If one fails the other continues *

tatendan 29.05.10 - 10:26am
Hey guys. I juss joind this swaggerific zone and think that s*x is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone but with one you trust. Romance is juss a top-up. In fact, u can't hv s*x with someone u dont hv romance with. All i can say is make the ryt choise. *

alekii 30.05.10 - 12:24pm
Hey welcm,bt correction,u kan hav s*x wid sme1 u dnt luv *

sanlo 30.05.10 - 11:24pm
Datz rite. *

darkl0ve 11.06.10 - 06:07pm
(s*x2) i want them both *

kkbruno 18.06.10 - 09:02pm
Both of 'em ar great. *

felimosh 19.06.10 - 03:05pm
Hey if u say romance dnt tlk ov s*x again dat cals 4 romantic chik jst inbx me *

tatendan 22.06.10 - 10:34am
You know what guys, i think that s*x and romance go hand in hand. All i can say is, 'Hey, have a lot of s*x with the one you love and romance with anyone. *

swissap 7.03.11 - 10:08pm
hey u b***h nigers thats tha boiz n beautiful mamas thats tha men prefer s*x n women prefer romance isay no *

swissap 7.03.11 - 10:11pm
isay no to s*x because men r alwys thirsty for tha G spot.girls close ur legs! *

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